Math CLEP Prep College Mathematics and Math CLEP Prep College Algebra show you how to solve problems similar to those in the CLEP official study guide. They contain explanations as well as some review of topics covered by the tests.

But what if you need more review?

There’s lots of math review available for free on the Web. This page contains links to pages that address the specific topic areas covered on the CLEP College Algebra test. This page contains an awful lot of stuff, but it’s set up to help you find just what you need.

It’s all at, an algebra site on which I rely because it’s accurate and its explanations are great. In the coming months I’ll be looking for more: something for College Mathematics as well as something in a different format – maybe videos. I’d love to hear your suggestions. Reach out to me at

Algebraic operations (25%)

Equations and inequalities (25%)

Functions and their properties (30%)

Number systems and operations (20%): 

  • factorials and binomial theorem

Get the books.

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