New Book: Math CLEP Prep: College Algebra

CLEP College Algebra Study Guide

Math CLEP Prep 2019: College Algebra

Math CLEP Prep: College Algebra

Happy 2019! All good things to you this year.

Just a quick note to tell you that Math CLEP Prep: College Algebra is now for sale.

Math CLEP Prep: College Algebra, the latest book in the CLEP Out series, shows prospective test takers how to get from the practice questions in the CLEP Official Study Guide to the answers. For every practice question in the College Algebra section the 2019 CLEP Official Study Guide, Math CLEP Prep contains a similar problem and solution. Math CLEP Prep explains its solution fully, step by step. Each Math CLEP Prep problem contains the same math challenges as the corresponding problem in the CLEP Official Study Guide.


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