Prepare for the NOVA Math Placement Test: Tutoring and Other Resources

Starting NOVA soon? You may be required to take a math placement test, which will determine whether you need to take remedial math before you can take the math courses in your program. Remedial math could set you back a semester or a year in your program.

Perhaps you need remedial math. Perhaps you don’t, but still you may place poorly just because you’re not prepared. Then you have to take remedial math. Don’t let that happen.


Virginia Math Placement Test Practice Answers ExplainedHere are some resources:

  • I’ve created a new online course for placement test prep.
  • The Virginia Community College System has:
  • NOVA has:
    • an online practice test with practice questions and answers; and
    • practice questions that are similar to those on the online practice test but that include full explanations, to help you understand how to answer any questions you may have missed (go to this page and open the Placement Test Prep tab);
  • has Virginia Math Placement Test Practice Answers Explained, which contains solutions — full explanations to VCCS’s sample questions and answers;
  • I offer private, one-on-one tutoring in Reston. As an experienced, successful tutor of high school math and as the author of some of NOVA’s practice test questions (the ones with explanations) and of Virginia Math Placement Test Practice Answers Explained, I am well situated to help you prepare for the math placement test.

For private tutoring, reach out to me at or at 703-264-1827.

Do well on the math placement test so you can move quickly toward your goal.