Why tutor with Jill?

Jill meets students where they are. Her students succeed in math from algebra through calculus.

Listen to what Jill’s former customers say:

“Thank you, Jill, for all that you have done for me.” Sahand, who was Jill’s student in high school and college and is now a graduate student in finance.

Jill is “kind and patient, and is able to work with all sorts of students.” Kristina, whose daughter and son Jill tutored.

“She can help even the most struggling students understand.” Kevin, whom Jill tutored in college

“You’re fantastic. You explain things in an easy-to-understand manner.” Jane K, placement test student

“[My daughter] said it was a great experience and we really appreciate how quickly and effectively Jill turned things around for her.”  Kimberly C., parent of a student in IB Math Analysis and Applications, standard level 2 (calculus)  SL2

“Jill’s perseverance and encouragement helped me push through when I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. If you’re like me and deeply struggle with math and need a tutor who is patient, kind, and ready to do whatever it takes to help you succeed, I couldn’t recommend Jill enough.”  Alaina R, algebra, geometry, statistics, SAT prep

“What really differentiates [Jill] from other tutors is that she really believes is that she really believes you can succeed and helps you do so.” Farnaz D, Jill’s student when she was in high school, now a law student

“The best part of having Jill as a math tutor is that she helped me gain confidence in myself. As I successfully completed each math course, I knew that I could get through the next course if I put the effort into it. To my surprise, I started to enjoy my math classes and wished that I had broken through my math anxieties much earlier in my life.I am grateful to Jill for helping me conquer my math fears and anxiety.” Karen B, remedial math and calculus

“Jill was absolutely wonderful to work with, and definitely turned my daughter’s grade and attitude around toward success!!” Bobbie E, mother of an Algebra II student.