Are you working on an important piece of writing? Do you need help making it what you want it to be?

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Collaborating online.

Jill is adding real-time online editing to her services. Real-time editing is Jill sitting down with you in a Zoom meeting and helping you polish your draft, showing you how to make your work clear, concise, and easy to read.

Real-time editing can help with:

  • college application essays
  • internship application essays
  • your most important pages, posts and articles in social media
  • any short document that needs review

Jill can help you express your own thoughts, in your own style. Jill just helps with a nudge delivered in respectful, non-judgmental style.


Jill’s experience in editing and writing goes way back, spanning the range from fiction to biography to technical and policy papers. Jill has written and edited reports for federal government agencies including NASA, the US Department of Homeland Security, and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. And she has edited informally, in real-time style, on a range of writing projects: students’ essays for college admission and for internships, a business website, a friend’s business letter to customers, and another friend’s email to prospective employers.

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The Empedoclean vision of the world follows that the world is composed of elements, and these elements bind and divide, and that such phenomena lead to the creation of new creations. The world is thus constructed of the elements, and these elements stand to be, according to Empedocles, earth, fire, air, and water. These elements lead to the physical construction of all that is, and from this physical reality an ecology forms that shall seek to alter itself, and so Empedocles entreats upon a rudimentary thought, whose nature stands to be that the formation of natural affairs is ever on the march, that is to say, that nature is subject to change, and from this change new things come into being, while older things are eliminated. This ever-persistent change is marked by two principle forces, and it is by the workings of these two forces that the elements bind and break from one another, and these two forces according to Empedocles are love and strife.  In Empedocles’ vision the world is composed of the elements earth, fire, air, and water. The binding and dividing of these elements bring about the physical construction of all that is; things exist in a state of constant change in which the elements bind to and break from one another and thus new things come into being while some things cease to exist. This ever-persistent change is marked by two principal forces: love and strife.